Back in 50s it was discovered that the information from every single message is transmitted in the following way:

                                                                                                     7% -     verbally, which means by words;

                                                           38% - vocally, which means by the tone of voice, accents and the mode of pronunciation;

                               55% - non-verbally, which means by the signals of the body (body language).


The meaning of what you want to say is predominantly transmitted to the listener by means of how you look

while talking, not by means of your words”. Allan Pease


Studies say that most people make up an opinion about a stranger  within the first 4 minutes of communication.

 Which impression would you like to make within these 4 minutes?

Let me help you build it! Subscribe to my individual non-verbal communication modeling course named “Come in Sight”, which consists of:


  • 6 weeks = 48 total hours of guidance;
  • client profile study: biography, taped interviews, taped presentations, taped conference speeches,

              observation at business meetings and during the daily work interaction;

  • analysis of the collected information;
  • defining areas for improvement and naturally excellent body language elements;
  • individually tailored body language modeling program development;
  • program presentation to the client and its implementation;
  • client accompaniment to the interviews, presentations, conferences and business meetings aimed at

              consolidating success with the adopted body language elements;

  • BONUS - a free coaching session in the end of the course!!!


  Yes, I will be there for you!


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