911 for a Family Business

Are you one of the executives in a family business? Which of the following typical problems have you already faced:

- confusing family and work relations;

- your family members have low professionalism, lack skills and are not motivated to move forward;

- the business needs organization and intelligent structure;

- GM has established his monarchy ruling the company;

- absence of business planning and strategy;

- working without objectives, mission and vision of the company?

I imagine your routine like this:

you go to the office and you feel no progress with any projects;

sometimes you are obligated to find investments, although this is not one of your duties;

your parents/uncles/brothers/cousins ​​do not give all of them, the way you do;

you are doing your best to push forward in the direction that you consider correct, but do not see the result and it seems that your work is in vain and you feel a lonely fighter.

Am I right?

But look:

your family members can feel the same! Everyone has their own vision of progress or of goals and it turns out that everyone takes different directions instead of being a team and moving towards common goals.

Why does that happen?

Perhaps because of some level of naivety that friendship and family affection will overcome all problems and obstacles, but in the end, they only overcome logic and common sense and destroy the good family relationship.

You will ask me, "And how to handle this challenging situation?"

Very simple! By means of hiring a coach who has the "911 for a family business" program! There are 3 packages available: for 3, 4 or 5 executives, who are the relatives.


to improve the prosperity of a family business by means of optimized management.

Number of sessions:

12 for each executive

(36, 48 or 60 sessions in total, depending on the package).


4 first sessions - once a week, the rest (by client's consent) - once per fortnight.

Key points:

1) separate the family relationship from the one of business/work;

2) align the interests of family, specificity and business objectives;

3) distribute managerial responsibilities rationally;

4) make decisions in agreement with all the governing board;

5) follow the strategy, mission and vision;

6) handle conflicts;

7) maintain a healthy relationship, professionalism, respect, discipline and transparency.

Before starting:

company diagnostics, interview with all managers to agree on the goals of coaching.

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Number of executives to participate: 3 packages available - of 3, 4 or 5 persons. If the number of executives is greater or less than in the available packages, conditions can be negotiated.

Duration of a session:

90 minutes.

Bonus: a free 60-minute additional session for each executive or a body language consultation!!!