What makes executive coaching effective?

It’s simple: nobody knows more about you than yourself!

Since all the memories of your life are stored in your heart, you are the resident expert on you.

So, if you are, for example, trying to improve the rapport of your team, you can call up years of memories of working with these persons, list what you’ve tried so far or what’s worked with others in the past.

Also, you will wonder: why, instead of hiring somebody who can advise/tell me what to do in current situation, would I hire a coach and go through answering numerous questions the coach asks?

Because the questions have the power to change the lives! Questions hold the power to cause us to think, create answers we believe in and motivate us to act on our ideas. Questions move us beyond passive acceptance of what others say or staying stuck in present circumstances to aggressive application of own creative ability to the problem!

The other prominent thing is that you establish the agenda and it has four crucial characteristics:

          OWNERSHIP: your own ideas you are committed to

          PASSION: there is energy around your goal, you are motivated to pursue it

          URGENCY: it’s not a someday-thing, you feel a strong need to act NOW

          SIGNIFICANCE: it is important, will make difference and is worth sacrificing for.

Moreover, taking up coaching program you stay in learning mode, improve your leadership (exhibit leadership and ability to master own issues), organizational, communicational (presentation), emotional (enhanced ability to manage intense feelings and channel energy into productive outcomes) and social (awareness of behavioural impacts) skills, develop positive attitude towards yourself, others and organization and, therefore, improve your 360° feedback profile in a long-term perspective.

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