What Is Coaching?


Are you a leader or a business owner? Then you are for sure successful, powerful, brilliant, updated, intelligent, talented and respectable! Your employees, partners and competitors always see you strong and highly qualified. Anyway, when was the last time that you felt serenity? How much time can you keep the peace of mind and soul? Or, maybe, sometimes you feel like the lonely fighter at work, which exhausts your motivation, productivity and faith in your team?


Coaching is all about the changes and how to make them. Your coach is a wizard of changes who takes your cards to help you play better, amend the rules of a game or find a better game!


Sometimes coaching is confused with a therapy or consulting, that’s why let me outline some crucial distinguishing features of coaching:

  • Zero advices, plenty of questions
  • No judging or criticizing
  • No diagnostics or treatment
  • Team work of the client and the coach on an equal footing
  • Emphasis on the present and the future of the client
  • Solution-, action- and being-oriented
  • Aimed at enhancing resources and amplification of the intellectual horizon
  • Collateral action plan development leading to the achievement of the goal

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